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acoustic plasterboard barrier

QuietWave acoustic plasterboard barrier is the most economic acoustic wall system available. The thinnest and lightest way to achieve the highest acoustic performance, QuietWave is a class above minimum NCC requirements.

Effective for low frequencies to counter everyday noise from home audio and theatre systems, QuietWave® consists of a flexible visco-elastic membrane and patented constrained layer membrane, combined with vibration damping material. Easily penetrated without compromising performance, a finished QuietWave® wall is solid and has similar resonance to masonry.

At just 1.2 mm thick QuietWave® provides a saving of 50% in the width of the wall against a comparable 6-star wall system and can be easily installed by just one person.

Maximum acoustic rating, thin and light profile

The thinnest and lightest acoustic rated wall system available

Save costs and increase space

Cost effective and space-saving – gain larger rooms or reduce overall footprint

Specifically designed for plasterboard walls

Controls low frequencies and upper-mid frequencies which typically occur in plasterboard walls

Key Benefits


Comparable in cost to a lower acoustic rated wall system


Offers an acoustic performance only matched by larger size systems


Low VOCs – less than a recognised threshold of 0.5mg Green Star

Technical Data

  • Extremely high score in the Acoustic Performance Index (cost of the wall compared to acoustic performance, wall thickness and floor space cost).
  • Available in rolls 1.3m x 5.4m
  • 1.2mm thick

More Information

Maximise acoustic results at minimal cost with QuietWave. Download the brochure or call Acoustica on 1300 722 825.

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