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acoustic fabric wall covering

An attractive acoustic answer to wallpaper, KlipTex allows you to cover your walls in any material whilst it cleverly soaks up sound through its concealed noise absorbing frame.

The finished result is high-end fabric walls which bring muted, quiet comfort to a space, making it a luxury solution for reverberated noise in restaurants, hotel lobbies and waiting rooms.

The secret of KlipTex’s sound absorption is the acoustic EchoSoft® material packed into its frame. Fabric is stretched and locked into position for a crisp, smooth, and high-tensioned finish.

Constructed and installed on site for a perfect fit and alignment, KlipTex® can be applied over any existing wall surface with minimal preparation. It can also be used without acoustic material as a dramatic architectural focal feature. If you want to refresh the fabric, simply unclip to remove and refresh as interior trends change or combine with lighting and shadow effects for unique surface schemes.

Concealed control of sound

Removable fabric wall covering system that absorbs sound through its concealed frame – or install purely as a focal architectural feature

Fabric flexibility

Compatible with any fabric, easy to update your walls with no mess

Unique interior effects

Will not flatten or twist and supports additional design elements such as lighting

Key Benefits


No damage to fabric during installation or removal, unique locking mechanism prevents sagging of material


Fabrics can be cleaned in place or easily unclipped and removed


Combine with other surface finishes

Technical Data

  • EchoSoft® 25 is 25mm thick and lightweight (at 1.5Kg/m)
  • EchoSoft® 50 is 50mm (at 3.0Kg/m)
  • EchoSoft® 25 has an average Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC) of 0.70
  • EchoSoft® 50 has an average Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC) of 0.95

More Information

Download the KlipTex® brochure and chat to the Acoustica team to explore your interior options on 1300 722 825.