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HD Batts

high density sound insulation batts

Minimise impact noise and sound transfer between rooms, ceilings and floors with Acoustica HD Batts. An effective, high performance sound absorber for residential, industrial and commercial properties, HD Batts high density acoustic insulation are highly resistant to deterioration over time offering a consistent solution to everyday noise.

Unaffected by mould, mildew and rot and resistant to vermin and pest attack, HD Batts are made from durable, dust-free polyester guaranteed to be non-irritant to even the most sensitive skin. Install in interior cavities to mute unwanted sounds and perimeter walls to reduce exterior noise or use as acoustic baffles.


High performance acoustic batts

Effective soundproofing for residential, commercial and industrial spaces, reduce internal and external noise

Non-irritant, 100% safe

Durable, dust-free high-density polyester

Indefinite lifetime performance

Resistant to mould, mildew and rot, vermin and pest attack, resistant to deterioration over time

Key Benefits


Choice of weights, thickness and widths to suit all uses


Consistent performance in all conditions


BCA compliant with a 4 zero fire rating

Technical Data

  • 4 zero fire rating – BCA compliant
  • Available in weights of 22 kg/m., 28-32 kg/m., 44-48 kg/m. and up to 180 kg/m
  • Thickness from 25 mm to 100 mm
  • Widths of 430 to 1200 mm
  • Moisture content of less than 0.1% per volume when tested in an atmosphere of 65% relative humidity at 20℃

More Information

Download the HD Batts brochure or call Acoustica on 1300 722 825.