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acoustic pyramid foam panels

Enhance the sound you want to hear with Cheops acoustic pyramid foam panels. Offering exceptional acoustic performance when reflected sound is an issue, the innovative angled design not only provides the greatest absorption area but captures sounds from all directions for consistent results.

Effective at absorbing all frequencies from 0.8 to 1.05 decibels, Cheops® attaches to walls and ceilings for a seamless design. Available in 14 standard colours or a custom colour option, Cheops® acoustic pyramid foam panels come in 50, 75, 100 or 100mm width for customised sound absorption that meets your individual needs.

Minimise reverberation, echo and unwanted noise in crowded areas, or maximise professional recordings simply and easily with Cheops® acoustic treatment.

Professional and consistent performance

Effective at absorbing a wide range of frequencies from all directions

An easy sound studio solution

Maximise acoustic control and get professional results in one easy step

Custom colour

Customise to your preferred colour for branded décor

Key Benefits


Professional seamless finish


Use on walls, ceilings or as baffles


Also available in Group 1 fire rated versions

Technical Data

Physical Properties

  • Density 32 kg/m3 nominal
  • Tensile Strength 85 kPa minimum
  • Elongation 175% minimum
  • Tear Resistance 250 N/m minimum
  • Compression Set (90%) 30% maximum
  • Resilience 40% minimum
  • Indentation Force on Deflection at 40% 180 + 20 N
  • Indention Factor 1.75 minimum
  • N32-180CM2was tested according to the test methods listed in AS2282.


  • The foam meets the flammability requirements of U.K. Furniture & Furniture Fire Safety regulations 1988 and BS5852 Part 2 –Source 2).
  • (In house testing only, the results are not intended to reflect hazards presented by this material under actual fire conditions)

More Information

Discover the benefits of Cheops® for maximum sound control. Download the Cheops® brochure or chat to the Acoustica team for advice on 1300 722 825.