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AngelStep® GOLD4

acoustic underlay for ceramic and carpet tiles

AngelStep GOLD4 acoustic underlay is primarily designed for ceramic and carpet tiles, but can also be used with solid timber, engineered timber floors, vinyl ‘klip’ planks and underfloor heating systems.

Moisture and rot resistant, AngelStep® GOLD4 features a gold aluminium facing foil combined with a high-density sound absorber for superior sound and impact noise reduction. Use foil side up for solid or engineered timber, or use foil side down resulting in a vapour barrier with ceramic tiles.

Boasting all the patented technology and high acoustic performance of the AngelStep® range, AngelStep® GOLD4 is just 4mm thick and can be layered for best results.

Superior acoustics for ceramic and carpet tiles

Can also be used with timber laminate and vinyl planks

Adaptable aluminium facing

Use foil up or down dependent on flooring material and desired result

Layered solution

AngelStep® GOLD4 can be layered up to three times to tailor acoustic performance

Key Benefits


AngelStep® patented technology, will last the life of any floors


10 year guarantee


Moisture and rot resistant, unaffected by weight

Technical Data

  • Standard sheet size 1150 x 1150 x 4mm
  • Capable of achieving the highest 6-star rating dependent on installation
  • Zero VOC’s, zero emissions and non-toxic
  • 10 year warranty (subject to correct installation and use)
  • BCA compliant (separating floors between adjoining dwellings)
  • Water and chemical resistant
  • Australian designed and manufactured
  • Water Vapour Transmission Rate (ASTM F-1294) = 1gm/m²/day
  • Compressive strength at 10% deformation (EN 826) = 1.37 kPa
  • Dynamic stiffness (ISO 9052-1) = 100 MN/m³
  • Compressibility (EN 12431) = 0.2mm @ 50 kPa

To ensure maximum acoustic performance from the AngelStep® range for your project, Acoustica can provide site specific testing and certification, in accordance with International Standard ISO Acoustics.

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What makes Acoustica AngelStep® underlays different to other competitor’s acoustic underlays?

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More Information

Discover the adaptability of AngelStep® GOLD4. Download the brochure or call Acoustica on 1300 722 825.

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