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acoustic air ventilator

Let fresh air in but keep external noise out with the AeroPac acoustic air ventilator.

Whisper quiet to operate, AeroPac is the solution to improve interior air flow and quality when windows can’t be opened due to noise and pollution.

Perfect for sound-sensitive environments like bedrooms and living areas, AeroPac® combines state-of-the-art acoustic technology with professional filtration to silently feed a draught-free flow of fresh healthy air into your room.

Compact and contemporary in design, AeroPac® blends in with any interior décor and is ideal for properties in noisy environments caused by airports, rail corridors, busy roads or city living. Breathe easy in peaceful comfort with AeroPac®.

The dual solution to air and noise control

AeroPac® improves interior air quality and reduces noise levels at the same time

Minimise external noise

AeroPac® absorbs everything from traffic to aircraft sound and neighbourhood noise. Enjoy cleaner air peacefully

Quiet and compact

Discreet and whisper-quiet to operate


Key Benefits


Choice of filters to suit your air quality issues, from pollen and pollution to dust


Low running cost – uses as little energy as a TV on stand-by


Easy to install and operate – LCD display

Technical Data

  • Dimensions 467mm high x 270mm wide x 132mm deep
  • Weight 3.12kg
  • Air movement is approximately 15-160 m³/hr for the Carbon Impregnated dust filter and Activated carbon filter.
  • Power consumption min 2 watt – max 30 watt
  • Power supply 230/240V AC/50Hz 0.14amps
  • Operating noise level 20dB(A) – max flow 30dB(A)
  • Sound absorption with two open sliders Dn,e,w = 50dB; one open slider Dn,e,w = 53dB; all sliders closed Dn,e,w = 57dB
  • PVC tube dimensions 80x500mm long
  • Supplied Filter type: Active Carbon Filter (non-washable) for exhaust fume odours, optional filter type: Carbon impregnated Dust filter (washable) for pollen/fine dust.
  • Filter life: The carbon filter life is typically around 14-16 months; however, it may be shorter in a heavily polluted environment.
  • Warranty: 3 year warranty is given, subject to the correct installation and use of the product


More Information

Explore the benefits of healthy, noise-free ventilation. Download the AeroPac brochure or call Acoustica on 1300 722 825.