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Acoustica is Australia’s noise control specialist. With an extensive range of noise barriers and absorbers and expert in-house technical and design capability, we offer bespoke soundproofing solutions to the most complex acoustic problems affecting residential, commercial, marine and industrial sectors. All Acoustica products are proudly manufactured in Australia.

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Residential acoustic solutions

Noise pollution from traffic, aircraft or apartment neighbours is a common home invasion. Keep the peace in and unwanted sound out with Acoustica’s residential acoustic treatments. AngelStep acoustic underlay brings quiet comfort for impact noise whilst QuietWave sound barriers are the thinnest and lightest wall solution with the highest acoustic rating.

Office and commercial acoustic products

Open-plan offices mean you’re always a part of the conversation. Minimise noise and maximise productivity with Acoustica’s range of office and commercial sound proofing barriers and absorbers. We’ll get to understand the unique needs of your business, so we can create an acoustic solution that works for you.

Sound & TV studio acoustic treatments

Acoustica’s range of wall, ceiling and floor acoustic treatments for sound studios are guaranteed to perform. We’ll reduce the natural reverb and control sound reflections to perfect your recordings so music, vocals and mixes always take centre stage.

Marine & industrial noise control

Hard-working machinery impacts the working environment. Control engine noise and vibration with Acoustica’s marine and industrial acoustic products. Our rigid noise barriers and vibration damping materials are engineered to meet the demands and strict health and safety requirements of marine and industry sectors.

Cafe and restaurant noise reduction

Acoustica can help keep the conversation flowing in even the busiest restaurant and café. We’ll create the perfect social atmosphere so your customers keep coming back, with a range of restaurant acoustic solutions that control ambient noise.

Waste water noise control

Acoustica’s pipe-lagging products dampen down waste water noise and minimise unwanted sound from ductworks and fan housing in residential, commercial and industrial buildings.

acoustica projects

design & install

Acoustica Project Management is the specialist division that provides custom-engineered acoustic solutions across all sectors.

Why are we known as the acoustic attenuation specialists? Because we offer the Acoustica difference. Architects, Builders and Clients come back to Acoustica for reliable solutions, quality products and a genuine focus on building long-term relationships. We always strive for excellence in every action taken!

Philippe Doneux