Sound Absorption Stretch Fabric Frame System

Acoustica’s QuietX® decorative Panel System combines a unique aluminium frame with a specially printed decorative fabric and high density EchoSoft®noise absorber.

The EchoSoft® noise absorber is non-allergenic and non-toxic and the use of harmful chemicals has been eliminated in the QuietX® fabric printing process. The panel system is 100% recyclable.

Rectangular or square frames are custom made size and are shipped in the QuietX® flat pack for on-site assembly.

The QuietX® sound absorption decorative panel system is designed for the treatment of reverberated sound in indoor areas wherever people congregate or meet.

QuietX® allows the artist or interior designer to enhance a buildings interior by making a fashion statement and the building owner/occupiers to provide a quiet listening or learningexperience.

The QuietX® frame system is crease free and being reusable can be easily changed to suit the promotion or decor.


✓ Create textile collages

✓ Promote products/events

✓ As decorative statements

✓ Company logo/product