KlipTex® acoustic fabric

KlipTex® Acoustic Stretch Fabric Noise Reduction System

KlipTex® is a stretch fabric system that combines superior acoustic performance with the warmth and beauty of a removable fabric finish for walls and ceilings.

Reduce reverberated sound and enhance listening in restaurants, dining areas, lobbies, waiting rooms, meeting rooms, auditoriums and open office areas.

Add style and effective sound control by combining fabric panels with other surface finishes.

The KlipTex® frame system includes a hinged track to eliminate the possibility of damage to the fabric during installation and removal. The unique locking mechanism ensures high tension of the fabric and eliminates the possibility of sagging.

Fabrics can be cleaned in-situ like any other upholstery products. Alternatively, fabrics can be easily unclipped and removed for cleaning, redecorating or cycling of seasonal or themed printed fabrics.

The KlipTex® acoustic substrate will not flatten or twist and supports the hanging of wall art and other light objects. Additional design elements such as shadow lines and lighting can be incorporated. The ‘tackable’ substrate can be used as a pin-board in meeting rooms to mount charts and other printed material.

The on-site installation of the KlipTex® overcomes problems of prefabricated panels. Perfect alignment with adjacent architectural features and fittings is assured by the customised installation by factory trained personnel.

Add creative flair by using decorative fabric panels of any shape and size. Use custom fabrics with printed artwork, logos or graphics. Use as an architectural feature only, without the acoustic substrate. KlipTex® is a customised stretch fabric system which includes a sound absorption material concealed within the perimeter of the KlipTex® frame, over which the decorative fabric is stretched and locked in position.




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