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Impact noise

Impact noise occurs when an object collides with another object, and you usually hear it from the floor above you. It could be footsteps, a chair sliding across a wood or tile floor, or an object falling on the floor. Impact noise travels freely through a structure and through air pockets.

Apartment dwellers have long complained about impact noise intrusion due to footsteps and clatter of utensils and articles dropped on to the floor in apartments overhead. In addition to this impact noise, many occupants have also endured excessive airborne noise transmitted from powerful TV and audio systems. Acoustica has developed the AngelStep® series of acoustic underlays to address this problem.

AngelStep® GOLD 8 has been engineered as a universal underlay to deliver optimum acoustic performance according to the flooring type

AngelStep® 630 has been developed for use with vinyl floor surfaces

AngelStep® 48P is an excellent acoustic underlay, particularly where airborne noise is an issue

AngelStep® 484P has been developed to suit construction over a timber structure

table 4: AAAC star rating system

AAAC star ratingimpact isolation of floors Lnt,wAAAC descriptionapprox IIC rating
2 starLnt,w 65clearly audibleapprox IIC 45
BCALnt,w 62BCA clearly audibleapprox IIC 48
3 starLnt,w 55clearly audibleapprox IIC 55
4 starLnt,w 50clearly audibleapprox IIC 60
5 starLnt,w 45audibleapprox IIC 65
6 starLnt,w 40just audible or barely audibleapprox IIC 70
source: AAAC


Airborne noise

Airborne noise comes from common sound sources such as voices, TVs and radios. The noise performance of a building structure is called the Sound Transmission Class (STC). The higher the STC the better the structure is at isolating airborne noise. An STC rating of 45 means that the sound passing through the building is reduced by 45dB.

Rooms with a lot of hard surfaces can be very noisy as they readily reflect sound. Soft furnishings, drapes and rugs can make a significant improvement. Hard floor surfaces can create impact noise.

Acoustica has developed the QuietWave range of acoustic membranes & drywall acoustic barriers to address airborne noise



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