meeting stile door seals

Astragal is the term used for seals that address the meeting stile for pairs of swing doors. It is important to consider locking, latching requirements that may apply.

The seals shown hear are the most commonly used to address acoustic issues, we have a very extensive range of seals for different special applications - please contact us for more information.

RP16SI meeting stile seal

RP16SI is an acoustic, smoke astragal seal. Its proven effectiveness in sealing the meeting stiles of plain or rebated double doors. The aluminium trim neatly conceals the sealing portion and provides a secure weather stop. The aluminium fixing leg can be checked out to allow for locking or latching.

RP16SI is used where one leaf of the pair is active. You may need to consider a door selector / coordinator to ensure doors close in the correct sequence.

Face mounted to the meeting stile of swing doors. For additional noise control can be mounted on opposite sides to both leaves.

Max/min gap 2.5-8mm


  • RP16SIC2250 up to 2250mm
  • RP16SIC2750 up to 2750mm

Use in conjunction with selected perimeter seal & bottom door seals. 

Standard finish C has a clear anodised aluminium holder. Also available with a bronze anodised or black anodised holder at additional cost. The holder can also be special paint finished & a set up fee applies.