The DESCOR® acoustic wall & ceiling system

Elegance and high acoustic performance

DESCOR® acoustic is the ideal solution for all wall and ceiling coverings. 

Application areas: 

  • Renovation and new buildings 
  • Houses and apartments
  • Service sector like offices, conference rooms, public objects
  • Commercial- or industrial rooms, shopping centers 
  • Public rooms, gyms
  • Damp and/or chloric rooms


  • quality and durability 
  • impressive look 
  • no cracks or blisters 
  • quick installation without disarrangements
  • timeless elegance
  • effective cost-performance ratio
  • no welding seams
  • pleasant acoustic atmosphere 
  • thermal insulation
  • eco-friendly
  • the material is a stretchable and technical textile
  • printable with individual colours
  • perfect results without visible substructure 
  • suitable for all architectural forms
  • the thickness of the whole system is less than 10 mm

The installation of the DESCOR® acoustic systems is carried out by a network of approved technicians.