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Acoustica is a 100% Australian owned company and a world leader in the design, development and manufacture of noise control and acoustic solutions.  

Acoustica was established in 1985 and maintains it’s design and manufacturing facilities in Sydney, Australia. Amongst other innovations, Acoustica introduced polyester acoustic insulation products to Australia, revolutionizing the industry, introducing a viable option for the use of recycled materials and addressing health concerns with products then available.

Acoustica has been conferred with many awards for innovative product development including:

  • The NSW Government’s Excellence in Innovation Award for Outstanding Innovation for their new plasterboard wall system which, at half the thickness of conventional wall systems, delivered the best acoustic performance
  • The Australian Marine Industry Federation awarded Acoustica’s Vybar® Marine, a commendation award in the Innovative Product of the Year category
  • Excellence in Innovation category of the Western Sydney Awards i
  • Finalist for NSW Pitchfest
  • Federal Minister for Australian Industry presented Acoustica with the Australian Anthill Magazine Innovation Award
  • Engineers Australia 'Small Business Ventures Excellence Award
  • Finalist for the Banksia Environmental Awards and the Next Big Thing Award
  • Finalist & People’s Choice Award for The New Inventors

The Sydney Airport Noise Insulation Program adopted Acoustica’s pilot as the specification for all dwellings included in the insulation program.

Acoustica has developed a comprehensive range of products & solutions for architectural, commercial, environmental, industrial, marine concerns – with a proven commitment to environmentally sustainable manufacture in Australia.

Acoustica Pty Limited

6a Nelson Street

Annandale NSW 2038

+61 2 9550 2900