Cheops® Pyramid panels


Cheops® Pyramids sound absorber is an attractive convoluted acoustic panel that provides a greater surface and absorptive area than flat surfaces to reduce reflected noise in a room by trapping and absorbing sound energy from all angles.

Unlike many other acoustic materials, Cheops® Pyramid panels provide excellent acoustic control across all frequencies with Noise Reduction Coefficients ranging from 0.8 to 1.05.

Cheops® Pyramid is available in charcoal grey colour as standard with 12 optional colours. Acoustica® also offers a custom colour service to meet individual requirements.

Typical applications include broadcast and recording studios, call centres, community facilities and machinery enclosures

Example application of Cheops® Pyramids 600 mm x 600 mm and thickness of 50mm, 75 mm, 100 mm or 150 mm.

Cheops® Pyramids are supplied in panels. For architectural applications the panels are adhered to walls and ceilings to provide a continuous and seamless pattern or can be hung as a baffle. 


Frequency (Hz)

Noise absorption level αs for Acoustica® Cheops® Pyramids. Measured according to DIN EN 20 354, Technical University of Cologne, Germany.

It is the responsibility of specifier to check the BCA requirements and other authority regulations when considering the use of this product. This product does not have a fire rating.

Physical Properties 

  • Density 32 kg/m3 nominal 
  • Tensile Strength 85 kPa minimum 
  • Elongation 175% minimum 
  • Tear Resistance 250 N/m minimum 
  • Compression Set (90%) 30% maximum 
  • Resilience 40% minimum 
  • Indentation Force on Deflection at 40% 180 + 20 N 
  • Indention Factor 1.75 minimum 
  • N32-180CM2was tested according to the test methods listed in AS2282. 


  • The foam meets the flammability requirements of U.K. Furniture & Furniture Fire Safety regulations 1988 and BS5852 Part 2 –Source 2). 
  • (In house testing only, the results are not intended to reflect hazards presented by this material under actual fire conditions) 

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