Audiologist Test Audiometric Booth


by Phlippe Goriaux

A design and construct fitout by Acoustica Project Management. This project was designed and constructed for an Audiologist . It consists of a reception, waiting area, 2 sound treated consultancy rooms and an audiometric test area of 2400 x 3600.

The Acoustic QuietWave system is used for walls and ceiling to control noise transmission .

Reverberation/Absorption is controlled with 25mm acoustic fabric faced panels lined on walls (NRC 0.85) and  Acoustica Descor acoustic fabric system backed with Echosoft 25. (NRC .85) on the ceiling . 

Our audiometric booth was tested and certified in accordance to AS/NZ 1269.4 maximum acceptable background noise levels.


Ambient Noise Certificate

Octave Band Centre Frequency Hz  

125       250     500    1000    2000    4000    8000

27.8      20.7     14      12.8       11        11        11