"You just like me cos I'm good in bed" Philippe Doneux interviewed by Red Symons

This morning the hilarious Red Symons interviewed our very own Philippe Doneux live on ABC Radio Melbourne discussing the dilemma of living next door to a musician & what you can do about it.... 

Red Symons - lead guitarist with Skyhooks, judge on Red Faces segment of Hey Hey It's Saturday & breakfast host on ABC 774 Radio Melbourne

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After using Acoustica's Cheops Pyramid Panels in his home high end music listening room, David said "It's alive!  The music has physical depth and height, astonishing purity, expansive shape with each instrument and voice 'just there' , and an expressiveness that injects music straight into my emotions."  David said a friend came in for a listen and, after recovering, the friend burst out "I could just put out my hand and shake Mark Knopfler's hand!".  

David also added that "Home listening rooms are often referred to as acoustically 'small' spaces, meaning the placement, characteristics and amount of absorption (and diffusion) is critical, and can take time and understanding to "tune" the specific room and speaker type."  

David said his journey in literally "making room for music" has:

  • Reinforced the words of his physics professor that "The Room is Part of the Instrument".
  • Found Acoustica's Cheops AcousticPyramid panels are an essential component of his room treatments
  • Confirmed for him that there are outrageously greater improvements for the musical experience at home - at relatively little expense - through treating the room with dedicated acoustic products rather than mindlessly throwing money' at increasingly expensive and esoteric electronic audio components. 

David purchased Cheops Pyramid Panels 600x600mm 75/100mm and 50/50mm in both coloured and black finish

tapping test

Here is (a small part) of a tapping test (impact sound insulation test) conducted on 22/06/2016 at Walsh Bay in Sydney.

Our client tested the performance of Acoustica's AngelStep GOLD 8 acoustic underlay for use under an engineered timber floor surface on a concrete slab.

To conduct the test the existing carpet & underlay were removed, a sample construction of the intended flooring was installed onto the chosen acoustic underlay. An acoustic technician measured the noise at the destination apartment whilst another technician moved the testing machine into various configurations. It took around 50 minutes to conduct this test.

The impact sound insulation tests were undertaken in accordance with International Standard IOS 140-7 1998 Acoustics - Measurement of sound insulation in buildings and of building elements - Part 7: Field measurements of impact insulation of floors. The tests were independently certified.

There is a charge for this service.

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Global Green Tag certification

Acoustica are pleased to announce the renewal of our Global Green Tag Certification


We are committed to protecting the environment through the continuous improvement of our processes, products, and services. 

We continue to implement our environmental policy by:

  • Complying with, and striving to exceed all applicable laws, regulations, and company standards
  • Maintaining environmental management systems at all facilities
  • Reusing or recycling waste materials
  • Promoting environmental awareness
  • Encouraging the use of technologies and materials that are friendly to the environment
  • Promoting measures to reduce water and energy use, to reduce air emissions and lessen their impact, and  to minimize the impact of wastewater discharge and waste disposal

Audiologist Test Audiometric Booth


by Phlippe Goriaux

A design and construct fitout by Acoustica Project Management. This project was designed and constructed for an Audiologist . It consists of a reception, waiting area, 2 sound treated consultancy rooms and an audiometric test area of 2400 x 3600.

The Acoustic QuietWave system is used for walls and ceiling to control noise transmission .

Reverberation/Absorption is controlled with 25mm acoustic fabric faced panels lined on walls (NRC 0.85) and  Acoustica Descor acoustic fabric system backed with Echosoft 25. (NRC .85) on the ceiling . 

Our audiometric booth was tested and certified in accordance to AS/NZ 1269.4 maximum acceptable background noise levels.


Ambient Noise Certificate

Octave Band Centre Frequency Hz  

125       250     500    1000    2000    4000    8000

27.8      20.7     14      12.8       11        11        11