AngelStep acoustic underlay

The AngelStep® range is an acoustic underlay for the treatment of Impact and airborne noise transfer.

AngelStep® construction combines a highly effective support and cushion. It provides maximum performance for minimum thickness combining an impact and vibration damping and sound absorber.

Compared to products made by others, Acoustica’s AngelStep range of underlays have been shown in independent comparison tests to offer a more effective acoustic treatment, a thinner solution, that is also cost effective.

Designed & manufactured in Australia.



AngelStep GOLD 8

The unrivalled performance of AngelStep® GOLD 8 was designed for use in apartments and townhouses, upmarket housing and professional office and consulting suites where discerning buyers expect performance beyond that mandated by the minimum requirements of the BCA.

Approx. 6.7mm thin designed for use over a concrete slab. Outstanding noise control results, in most cases we would expect an AAAC 6 star result*

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AngelStep 484P

AngelStep® 484P has been developed to suit construction over a timber joist / frame structure.

It is 10mm thin & is supplied in tiles 1150x1150mm (1.3225m2)

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AngelStep 630

AngelStep 630 is designed as a multi purpose 

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