Sound insulated ventilators direct filtered fresh air into your home.

Fresh air without noise, pollen or dust.

It goes without saying that sound insulation is only one of AEROPAC’s outstanding characteristics.  This small device that runs as quiet as a whisper, uses as little energy as a television in stand-by mode, is easy, fast and clean to retrofit and with its inconspicuous and contemporary design blends in well with all furnishings and in every room: whether bedroom, children’s room or living room. In noisy environments close to airports, rail corridors, freeways and high density road traffic and with windows closed to keep noise and pollutants out, the AEROPAC SN® acoustic ventilator will maintain a healthy interior environment.  AEROPAC SN® provides a solution that is already well-proven in numerous large construction projects. The AEROPAC SN® ventilator takes in outside air, removes engine emissions, smells, absorbs airborne noise and silently provides a healthy supply of clean, fresh air.


  • Get restful sleep in peace

  • Draught-free and super silent ventilation

  • Holds the external noise back almost entirely

  • The new LCD display makes operation easy, from the infinitely variable air quantity control right up to the programmable timer

  • Four different filters are available: coarse dust, active carbon, fine dust or pollen filter

You always know when to change the filter with the filter replacement indicator.  AEROPAC SN® is environmentally friendly and low-maintenance: The foam filter only needs to be changed every 4-5 years, if it is cleaned twice a year.  Outside noise is absorbed by AEROPAC SN’s highly efficient acoustic absorber.  The low operational noise of the ventilator will ensure an undisturbed sleep for building occupants.

Technical Information

  • Dimensions 467mm high x 270mm wide x 132mm deep
  • Weight 3.12kg
  • Air movement with G3 filter approx 30-180m3/hr
  • Air movement with F5 filter approx 15-160m3/hr
  • Air movement with activated carbon filter approx 15-160m3/hr
  • Power consumption min 2 watt - max 30 watt
  • Power supply 230/240V AC/50Hz 0.14amps
  • Operating noise level 20dB(A) - max flow 30dB(A)
  • Sound absorption (with standard G3 filter) two open silders Dnew = 50dB; one open slider Dnew=53dB; all sliders closer Dnew = 57dB
  • PVC tube dimensions 80mmx500mm long
  • Filter type: active carbon filter (for exhaust fume odours); G3 dust filter (for coarse dust); F5 dust filter (for pollen/fine dust)
  • Filter life: The carbon filter life is typically around 14-16 months, however it may be shorter in a heavily polluted environment.
  • Warranty: 3 year warranty is given, subject to the correct installation and use of the product